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2017 Convention Bus Transportation

The National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska has again arranged for a bus to this year’s State Convention in Norfolk. The bus will depart Omaha on Friday, October 13, 2017, at approximately6:40 am. The first pick-up point will be in Omaha, at the college of St. Mary, and the second one will be in Lincoln, at approximately 7:35 am, at the Commission for the Blind offices. There will be another stop in York, which will be at approximately 8:50 am at the Super 8 Motel. The final pick up will be in Columbus at approximately 10:05 am, the location for this pick-up is yet to be determined. The bus should arrive at the Divots Convention Center, in Norfolk at approximately 11:00 am that morning. The trip, including the passenger pick up points in Lincoln, York, and Columbus should be approximately four and a half hours. Following the convention, the bus will depart at approximately 1:00 pm, following adjournment on October 15th, 2017. The bus should arrive in Omaha by early evening.

The price for the round trip will be $70.00 per person. In keeping with the company policies of Fontenelle Tours, any reservations cancelled before October 1, 2017, are fully refundable: however, there will be a $30.00 fee for any reservations cancelled after this date. The bus is being arranged by your state affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska, and the excellent rates for travel are made possible through the generosity of Fontenelle Tours, Arrow Stage, and the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska.

Reservations can be made when registering for the convention online at:

If you are not able for any reason to reserve your seat on the bus using the online link, or if you need additional information regarding the locations of boarding sites, please contact Jeff Altman directly, or by calling at (402) 489-9458 to make other arrangements.

To insure that possible problems at any of the pick up points along the route on or before the day of departure can be managed effectively, all passengers are asked to provide their home address; a cell or home telephone number, where they can be reached; and their personal or work e-mail address if available. Should an individual be late arriving to the scheduled pick up point, and we do not have a means by which to contact the person directly, it will not be possible to delay the bus for more than a few minutes. Please help us to assure that you will have every opportunity to successfully meet the bus.

Please remember that seating is limited, and therefore, to insure yourself a seat, make your reservations early. Some seats may still be available after the deadline, due to cancellations, so you are certainly encouraged to check if you are running late in making your reservations, but remember that the bus tends to fill up very quickly.

Bus Itinerary:

Traveling to Norfolk

6:40 A.M. Depart Omaha
7:35 A.M. Depart Lincoln
8:50 A.M. Depart York
10:05 A.M. Depart Columbus
11:00 Arrive Norfolk

Returning from Norfolk

1:00 pm Departure

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