NFBN 2008 Convention: Cover to Cover Workshop


Access to Print and Digital Audio For the Blind


The National Federation of the Blind would like to invite you to our 2008 state convention being held October 10th through the 12th, in Grand Island, Nebraska, and to our exciting workshop on Friday afternoon entitled, “Cover to Cover”. Below you will learn more about this workshop and the exciting presentations planned. After reading this flyer, if you have any further questions regarding this workshop or the convention please feel free to contact the organizers at; 402-465-5468.

WHAT IS “COVER TO COVER”?: A workshop which explores the dynamic and rapidly changing world of access products and technologies used by the blind and visually impaired to gain access to reading of print in a wide range of situations. Spend time experiencing the ability to read your daily newspaper, or from any of over 250 other periodicals from around the nation, all available for free, and delivered to your home on your telephone,; all possible through the Newsline® program. Examine devices from En-Vision America, which will read aloud the text found on your prescription bottles Or other products which can give you the names and package text from nearly a million commonly sold products, simply by scanning their existing barcode labels. Explore the variety of devices that can play audio books and music, which are off the shelf products; meaning they were not specifically designed for the blind but are nevertheless easily used and purchased by us in the places we typically shop. Take the chance to examine the Victor Stream; an all encompassing audio player designed for the blind that will play everything from music and audio books, to daisy materials produced by RFB and D, the Library of Congress Talking Books Program, files from your computer, newspapers and magazines, and much much more. Hear from Magnification Resources, a Nebraska based company, who provides timely In home services and provides a vast array of reading solutions for both blind and low vision persons. Also, meet with another Nebraska company who sells state of the art software, computers, notetakers, and low vision products, to both persons who are blind and who are visually impaired. Witness a demonstration of the KNFB Mobile, a portable electronic reader carried in your pocket inside a cell phone, which can read both print on paper and Text found in the everyday environment. Best yet is not only learn about or see these products in action but take the opportunity toward the end of this workshop to visit the various booths and try out these products for yourself.

WHERE/WHEN IS THIS WORKSHOP TAKING PLACE?: This workshop/hands-on event will be held on Friday afternoon of the National Federation of the Blind of Nebraska annual convention, on October 10th, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Howard Johnson Riverside Inn, in Grand Island.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND?: All blind or visually impaired persons and/or persons who work with/have an interest in such individuals, should avail themselves of these exciting and empowering products.