2018 NFBN Mangnall Convention Scholarship

2018 NFBN Mangnall Convention Scholarship

Announcing the Second Annual Gwendolyn M. Mangnall Convention Scholarship

Have you heard about the fun fellowship and empowerment a state convention of the National Federation of the Blind can bring? Always wanted to attend but didn't have the funds? Then I urge you to submit an application for a grant from the NFBN Gwendolyn M. Mangnall scholarship fund.

It is through the generosity of a bequest left for us from Mrs. Mangnall that we are able to award this grant.

Scholarship requests must be received by September 14th, so please make your application a priority, since available funds are limited.

 *Who is eligible? *

Active NFBN members, whether blind or sighted, or blind individuals interested in learning more about the National Federation of the Blind of
Nebraska, who have not yet attended an NFBN state convention because of lack of funding, are eligible to apply.

*How do I apply for funding assistance?*
1. Write and submit an e-mail or a letter by September 14th, providing your contact information, your local NFB chapter information, or how you became interested in learning more about the
NFBN. specify the amount you are requesting to cover the convention expenses you are unable to afford.

Explain what you hope to gain from attending the NFBN convention, as well as what you hope to be able to one day contribute to the efforts of the National Federation of the Blind.

The points to cover are listed below.

2. Submit an electronic  letter of recommendation from your local NFBN chapter president
NCBVI counselor, teacher or other non-family member. If you do not have e-mail, a written letter is acceptable.

Your e-mail to First Vice President Jeff Altman and the committee, must cover these 5 points:
 - Your full name, and all your telephone numbers, (Please label The cell, home, office, or other person’s phone numbers where you can be reached.
 - Your mailing address and email address if you have one.
 - Your local chapter name and chapter president, if you
Participate in a local chapter.
 - Your specific request:
 - Explain how much money you need from this fund to make this trip possible for you. We suggest you consult with NFBN members who have attended previous conventions to set an approximate budget for yourself.
 The body of your letter should answer these questions:
 - How do you currently participate in the Federation, or what do you hope to learn about becoming a part of the NFBN?
 - Why do you want to attend a state convention?
 - What would you hope to receive by attending the convention or becoming a member and what do you hope to contribute to the efforts of the Federation to improve the lives of blind people?
 You can include in your letter to the committee any special circumstances you hope they will take into consideration.

 *When will I be notified that I am a recipient of this scholarship? *

 If you are chosen to receive this scholarship, you will receive an e-mail  with convention details that should answer most of your questions. The committee will make every effort to notify scholarship winners by September 30, but you must do several things before that to be prepared to attend if you are chosen.
 1. Make your own hotel reservation. If something prevents you from attending, you can cancel the reservation. (Yes, you may arrange for roommates of your own to reduce the cost.)
 2. Register online for the entire convention, including the banquet, by September 30. Winners must plan to attend the convention in its entirety in order to receive a grant.
 3. If you do not hear from the committee by  September 30, then you will not receive a grant this year.

 *How will I receive my convention scholarship?*

At convention, you will be given your grant in cash, by State Treasurer Cheryl Livingston. The times and locations to receive your grant will be listed in the e-mail detailing your grant. The committee is not able to provide funds before the convention, so if you cannot afford these basic expenses, we recommend that you work with your chapter and others to assist you by obtaining an agreement to advance funds should you receive a scholarship, with the understanding that you will reimburse these funds after you receive your grant. You can also contact First Vice President Altman should you be running into difficulty obtaining the necessary funding in advance of the committee's decision.

 *What if I have more questions?*

For additional information email First Vice president Altman at:  debandjeff@allophone.com or call him at (402) 489-94582.
Above all, please use this opportunity to attend your first NFBN state convention. You won't want to miss the most dynamic and influential gathering of Nebraska's blind this year. We hope to see you inColumbus !