Chris Beutler Award

The Chris Beutler Award (formerly the Duke Snyder Award) is given from time to time to a Legislator in the Nebraska Unicameral who supports the efforts of the NFBN to change laws affecting the blind in positive ways. Both Chris Beutler and his predecessor, Duke Snyder, helped us, during their terms in the Unicameral, to change the law. Senator Snyder's efforts helped us to pass the white cane law in Nebraska, ensuring our independence and freedom to travel on our own. Senator Beutler was instrumental in our creation of the Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, a freestanding agency for the blind, at a time when consolidation, not separation, of government agencies was the order of the day. Past Recipients: Senator Duke Snyder (Term of Office 1971-1975) Senator Gerald Koch (Term of Office 1975-1983) Senator Chris Beutler (Term of Office 1979-1986, 1991-2007)