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Krafters Meeting and Supply List

ill Rossiter, Vice President of the NFB Krafters Division will be sharing some time with us on Friday, October 23, at 11:00 a.m. She will  be instructing those who attend  in the completion of a craft, using many items that you may already have at home.   Who knew that there would be a perk  to having a virtual convention.


Jill will also share a little bit of information about the Crafters Division, but if you want to check out their website ahead of time, it can be found at:


Please join us  in the Zoom with the following supplies .


Tin can should be empty, clean, and label removed

14 oz can normal size can

Paint cans  white if desired (ahead of time)

10 sheets of White printer paper

Holiday themed sock or red or black sock

Orange and  Black construction paper

Small buttons

Plastic Shopping bags

Braille paper

Braille writer or slate and stylus

Elmers or craft glue


                              Small jar or container

Sugar or brown sugar

Ground cinnamon

Vanilla extract

Coconut or olive oil

Set of measuring spoons and cups

Mixing bowl

Spoon for Stirring

Elmers or craft glue


We hope to see you there!

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