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Resolutions of our Organization

Resolution Numbersort ascending Topic
2019-01 RE: Regarding Making Accessible to Blind Users
2015-01 RE: Strengthening Of Accessibility Policies And Practices In State Government
2014-01 RE: Regarding Nebraska State Historical Society Exhibits At Fort Robinson
2013-02 RE: Regarding Educational Technology
2013-01 RE: Regarding Apple & Braille
2012-01 RE: Regarding Accessible Voting
2011-02 RE: Fair Wages For Nebraska Workers With Disabilities
2011-01 RE: Access To Educational Technology
2010-01 RE: Regarding The Vending Facility Bidding Process
2008-02 RE: Literary Braille Competency
2008-01 RE: Proposed Amendment To Constitution Of Nebraska
2007-01 RE: Commending Senator Engel
2006-01 RE: Independent Living Programs For Blind Youth And Blind Seniors
2004-02 RE: Computer Options
2002-01 RE: Nebraska Information System
2001-02 RE: State Rehabilitation Council
2001-01 RE: Playing Presidential Releases
2000-04 RE: Offices For Disabled Students
2000-03 RE: Access To Print On Television
2000-02 RE: Access To ATM Machines
2000-01 RE: Change In Tax Code For Blind Vendors
1999-04 RE: Braille Textbook Production
1999-02 RE: DHHS Fair Employment Of The Blind
1999-01 RE: DHHSN-Focus Computer System
1996-06 RE: State Program To Assist Employment Of The Blind
1996-04 RE: Financial Assistance to Attend NFB Conventions
1996-03 RE: Condemning the State of Nebraska for its Plans to Combine SVI with the General Rehab Agency
1996-02 RE: Encouraging SVI to provide Administrative Leave for Any Staff Wishing to Attend a NFB National Convention
1996-01 RE: Asking RTBS to support Newsline
1995-04 RE: Television Crawlers
1995-03 RE: Opposition to Audible Traffic Signals
1995-01 RE: Hosting Events for Nebraska School for the Visually Handicapped
1993-07 RE: Negative Advertisements by the Tobin Eye Institute
1993-05 RE: Support a Residential Option for the Education of Blind Children
1993-04 RE: Creation of a Separate Commission for the Blind in the State of Nebraska
1993-03 RE: Support of VIPS Groups in Nebraska
1993-02 RE: Opposition to Audible Traffic Signals
1993-01 RE: Braille Literacy Bill in Nebraska
1991-03 RE: The Treatment of Blind Passengers of MAT
1991-02 RE: Commendation of ABC for the Positive Image of Blindness it portrays in “MacGyver”
1991-01 RE: Removal of “Good and Evil” from ABC’s Weekly Television Schedule
1990-02 RE: Advisory Committee to Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1990-01 RE: American Charter Savings and Loan
1989-01 RE: Radio Station KESY
1988-02 RE: Radio Talking Book, Inc.
1988-01 RE: Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1987-02 RE: Advisory Committee Revision
1987-01 RE: Fostering Positive Attitudes About Blindness
1986-01 RE: Little Randolph-Sheppard Act
1985-101 RE: Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act


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