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Resolutions of our Organization

Resolution Numbersort ascending Topic
1985-03 RE: Quality Education for Blind Children in Nebraska
1985-02 RE: The Nebraska Department of Insurance Investigating Insurance Discrimination
1985-01 RE: The Kennelly Amendment and Interstate Rest Area Vending
1984-102 RE: Rights and Responsibilities of Blind Bus Riders
1984-101 RE: Consolidation of the Nebraska Schools for the Deaf and Blind
1984-07 RE: Public Education
1984-06 RE: Affordable in State Bus Transportation
1984-05 RE: Nebraska School for the Visually Handicapped Advisory Committee
1984-04 RE: Walk-A-Thon Proceeds
1984-02 RE: Maintaining Quality Training at N.S.V.I. Orientation Center
1984-01 RE: Summer Independent Living Program for Blind Youth
1983-04 RE: Special Park in Omaha for the Blind and Handicapped
1983-03 RE: Representation on SVI Advisory Committee
1983-02 RE: National Federation of the Blind Month / White Cane Safety Day
1983-01 RE: Maintaining a Separate Agency for the Blind in Nebraska
1982-07 RE: Condemning John Knight for not appearing at the 1982 NFBN State Convention
1982-06 RE: Commend Cindy Wanek and the KOLN / KGIN Staff
1982-05 RE: Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
1982-04 RE: Improvement of Training at the Nebraska School for the Visually Impaired
1982-03 RE: Mrs. Corinne Adams, Educator of Blind Children
1982-02 RE: Work to make changes to the Fair Employment Practices Act
1982-01 RE: Call for the Immediate Resignation of the Director of the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission
1981-04 RE: The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
1981-03 RE: Doty verses Holiday Skate World North
1981-02 RE: Office of Affirmative Action
1980-101 RE: NEOC Board Appointment
1980-05 RE: The Rejection of the Five-Year Master Plan for the Education of Blind Children.
1980-04 RE: Student Services Provided by the Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired.
1980-03 RE: Acceptance of Membership Subcommittee Guidelines.
1980-02 RE: Hike-A-Thon/Bike-A-Thon Donation to the National Treasury.
1980-01 RE: Acceptance or Dismissal of the Task Force Recommendations by the Governor.
1979-06 RE: Provision of Services to Blind Children by the Rehabilitation Agency
1979-05 RE: Changes in the Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act
1979-04 RE: Inappropriate Decision and Ineptness on the Part of the Nebraska Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
1979-03 RE: City of Omaha Discriminatory Employment Practices
1979-02 RE: Request for Planning Money for Remodeling and Construction of Division of Rehabilitation Services for the Visually Impaired.
1979-01 RE: Commendation on Insurance Rule 35
1978-07 RE: Concerning the Establishment of Insurance Regulations Prohibiting Discrimination Against the Blind
1978-06 RE: Concerning Proposed Directory Assistance Charges
1978-05 RE: Support for a State-Wide Radio Talking Book Service
1978-04 RE: Establishment of a Full-Time Position for the Coordination of Educational Services to Visually Impaired Children
1978-03 RE: Education of Blind Children—Resource Center
1978-02 RE: Renaming of the NSVH/Parents' Committee
1978-01 Re: Commendation of Forrest ("Frosty") Chapman
1977-12 RE: Efforts by this organization to inform blind teachers and training intuitions of the National Federation of the Blind -- Teachers Division
1977-11 RE: Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired Assisting in the Education of School Administrators.
1977-10 RE: Instruction to the Legislative Committee to Study "Little Randolph-Sheppard Acts."
1977-09 RE: Improved Efforts by Nebraska Rehabilitation Services for the Visually Impaired to Develop and Expand the Business Enterprise Program.
1977-08 RE: The Refusal of the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped to Participate with Consumers of their Services.
1977-06 RE: Condemnation of the Conduct of the Leaders of the Nebraska White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals.


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