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Resolutions of our Organization

Resolution Number Topicsort descending
1980-03 RE: Acceptance of Membership Subcommittee Guidelines.
1980-01 RE: Acceptance or Dismissal of the Task Force Recommendations by the Governor.
2000-02 RE: Access To ATM Machines
2011-01 RE: Access To Educational Technology
2000-03 RE: Access To Print On Television
1976-03 RE: Administration of the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
1976-02 RE: Administration of the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
1987-02 RE: Advisory Committee Revision
1990-02 RE: Advisory Committee to Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1984-06 RE: Affordable in State Bus Transportation
1990-01 RE: American Charter Savings and Loan
1974-04 RE: Appointment of James Nyman as Director of Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1996-01 RE: Asking RTBS to support Newsline
1993-01 RE: Braille Literacy Bill in Nebraska
1999-04 RE: Braille Textbook Production
1982-01 RE: Call for the Immediate Resignation of the Director of the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission
2000-01 RE: Change In Tax Code For Blind Vendors
1979-05 RE: Changes in the Nebraska Fair Employment Practices Act
1979-03 RE: City of Omaha Discriminatory Employment Practices
1982-06 RE: Commend Cindy Wanek and the KOLN / KGIN Staff
1974-05 RE: Commend the Attitude of James Nyman, Director Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1991-02 RE: Commendation of ABC for the Positive Image of Blindness it portrays in “MacGyver”
1978-01 Re: Commendation of Forrest ("Frosty") Chapman
1977-02 RE: Commendation of the Legislature and Governor for securing the Right of the Blind to a Secret Ballot.
1979-01 RE: Commendation on Insurance Rule 35
2007-01 RE: Commending Senator Engel
2004-02 RE: Computer Options
1972-03 RE: Concern over the Philosophy of Nebraska Services for the Visually Impaired
1978-06 RE: Concerning Proposed Directory Assistance Charges
1978-07 RE: Concerning the Establishment of Insurance Regulations Prohibiting Discrimination Against the Blind
1977-06 RE: Condemnation of the Conduct of the Leaders of the Nebraska White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals.
1982-07 RE: Condemning John Knight for not appearing at the 1982 NFBN State Convention
1996-03 RE: Condemning the State of Nebraska for its Plans to Combine SVI with the General Rehab Agency
1985-04 RE: Consolidation of the Nebraska Schools for the Deaf and Blind
1984-101 RE: Consolidation of the Nebraska Schools for the Deaf and Blind
1972-01 RE: Cooperate with other Blindness Organizations
1977-05 RE: Creation of a Committee to Study the Commission Structure of an Agency to Serve the Blind.
1993-04 RE: Creation of a Separate Commission for the Blind in the State of Nebraska
1977-03 RE: Creation of a Standing Membership Committee
1977-04 RE: Creation of a Standing Public Relations Committee
1977-01 RE: Creation of an Advisory Committee to the Nebraska School for the Visually Handicapped
1999-02 RE: DHHS Fair Employment Of The Blind
1999-01 RE: DHHSN-Focus Computer System
1976-08 RE: Discrimination of Blind Teachers in Nebraska
1981-03 RE: Doty verses Holiday Skate World North
1978-03 RE: Education of Blind Children—Resource Center
1976-06 RE: Education of Government Officials about Blindness
1977-12 RE: Efforts by this organization to inform blind teachers and training intuitions of the National Federation of the Blind -- Teachers Division
1996-02 RE: Encouraging SVI to provide Administrative Leave for Any Staff Wishing to Attend a NFB National Convention
1976-09 RE: Equal Access To Housing Accommodations


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